About Rho Psi Eta

Rho Psi Eta is the first pre-health, academic sorority at Cornell University, established March 2020.

Rho Psi Eta was first founded in 2007 at the University of California, Santa Barbara by Brooke Wangsgard, Kimberly Yang, Linda Leang, Samantha Arigapudi, Tammy Hoang, and Tina Vang.

Our sorority was established upon the three pillars of academic integrity, community service, and sisterhood.

A Letter from the Founding Executive Board 

We want to start off by welcoming you to our organization and thanking you for your interest in Cornell's Rho Psi Eta Chapter! This organization was originally founded at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but we brought it to Cornell because we saw both a need and a strong desire for this type of organization on campus. We founded Rho Psi Eta to foster a community of passionate and driven women whom all share a common desire to help others. 


All four of us were interested in joining a pre-health organization on campus but found that there was a sense of professional sisterhood missing in this sector of the Cornell community. Initially, Emily and Katie both reached out to Jesse at the same time with a similar idea and passion for starting a pre-health community for women at Cornell. Around this time, Lauren reached out to Katie and expressed her excitement about this idea, further demonstrating the importance and apparent lack of an organization such as this one. As a result, we decided to start a sorority on Cornell’s campus with values that aligned with our own.


The process has not been an easy one. The idea of starting an organization––the first of its kind on campus no less––from almost the ground up brought a lot of uncertainty, especially given the additional challenge of growing our community virtually as a result of COVID-19. We worried that there would not be interest in or space for an organization like this. However, we soon realized that we should be less concerned with whether there is or is not a space for such an organization and more concerned with creating that space.


Working as the Founding Executive Board has been an adventure and a great learning opportunity. We have been pushed outside of our comfort zones, forced to learn new methods of communicating, and, most of all, have grown to accept the responsibilities of being leaders on campus. There were many long meetings and late nights that went into building this community, but with those came a lot of laughter and love for both each other and the wonderful organization we all took part in building.


We never dreamed we would receive the amount of incredible support and excitement that we have from the women of Cornell. We are so incredibly grateful for all of the help and support that has been given to us. None of this would have been possible without the dedicated and passionate women behind us. As you embark on this journey with us, as well as on your journey through Cornell and beyond, we hope that Rho Psi Eta becomes as meaningful and as impactful on your life as it has for us. 



Rho Psi Eta, Delta Chapter’s Founding Executive Board

Katherine Axelrod, President

Jesse Lama, Internal and External Vice President

Emily Ehsan, Secretary

Lauren Owens, Treasurer