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Attendance at Pre-Recruitment Events along with an application form are required for a complete recruitment application. 

PFC Fair 

Saturday, 9/11

from 4-6 pm

Ramin Room in Bartels Hall


  • We will have "booths" at the PFC fair.

  • Drop by to meet some sisters and learn more about our organization!

Coffee Chats

Tuesday, 9/14

from 2-4pm 

at Physical  Sciences Building atrium 

Thursday , 9/16

from 2-4pm 

at  Physical Sciences Building atrium

  • Learn more about our organization and get to know our sisters in a casual setting at one of our coffee chats!

  • Attendance is not mandatory, but it is recommended to attend at least one coffee chat.

  • Two coffee chat sessions will be held.

  • Registration information will be available on CampusGroups.

Information Sessions

Wednesday, 9/15


at HEC auditorium

 Tuesday, 9/21


at Baker Lab 119

  • Learn about our organization, values, and what we do as a club.

  • Attendance at one of the sessions is mandatory to rush Rho Psi Eta.

  • There will be two info sessions held.

  • Registration information will be available on CampusGroups.

Informal Interview

Friday, 9/24

3-6 PM

at Uris 254

  • Each potential new member (PNM) is offered a one-on-one interview with a sister.

  • All PNMs will have an opportunity to sign up for an informal interview after attending an information session.

  • PNMs must have completed an informal interview in order to rush.

  • PNM will be sent the information to sign up for a time slot.

Resume and Application Drop

Saturday, 9/25


Due by 11:59pm

  • PNMs must fill out the application and submit their resume along with other required documents on time to be eligible to rush.

  • Applications are to be submitted via this website (rhopsietalcornell.com)

Invite-Only Events

Begins the week of 9/27

Times will be selected on an individual basis

  • The final rounds of rush are invite-only and will occur after the Resume and Application drop.

  • PNMs will receive more information on these rounds if they are invited.


Is there a required GPA to apply?

Yes, a PNM should have a GPA at or above a 3.3 for a strong application.  If you do not meet the required GPA, an explanation must be submitted alongside your application. 

What year must I be to apply for recruitment?

We welcome freshman, sophomores, and first-semester juniors to apply.