Sanah Ahmed was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Her passions in psychology and medicine have been stimulated by her interests in self-advocacy, social justice, prison reform, and educational equity. On campus, she is a member of the Cornell Education Services for the Incarcerated, Fundraising Chair for Million Meals Mission, mentor for PATCH, and the POSSE program. 

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Tyleah is from Long Island, NY. She spent her time growing up playing sports, such as volleyball and basketball. At Cornell, she is a part of College Mentors for Kids, Cornell Women's Club Basketball, and Cornell University Emergency Medical Services. She also works as a Medical Scribe in the Emergency Department at Cayuga Medical Center. 

Sanah Ahmed '24
Intended Profession: Pediatric Surgeon
Major: Psychology
Minor: Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice
Tyleah Brown '23
Intended Profession: Neurosurgeon
Major: Biological Sciences, concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior
Minor: Global and Public Health Studies

  Laura was born and raised in Binghamton, NY. On campus, she is an undergraduate assistant in the FIG lab, where she researches food environments in Brooklyn. She also works off campus interacting with members of the Ithaca community. Laura enjoys dancing and hiking, and is a member of CRU and CHAARG on campus.

Laura Burd '24
Intended Profession: Physician
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society

Caitlin is from Lincroft, New Jersey, and spends her time at home working at a local summer camp. On campus, she is involved in Big Red Ambassadors, CURB PMP, and is a research assistant in the Department of Molecular Biology. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and snowboarding. 

Claire Capaldi '23
Intended Profession: Physician
Major: Human Health, Biology, and Society

Abby grew up in Washington, Connecticut. At home she is a lifeguard at
the local lake and volunteers at her father’s vet clinic. On campus,
she is a member of CHI, YOURS, club rugby, and club ice hockey. In the
Early Childhood Cognition Lab, she does research on children’s social

Abigail Gorra '23
Intended Profession: Pediatrician or OB/GYN
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society
Minor: Human Development and Global Health
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Rachel is from Bergen County, New Jersey. Outside of school, she works as a tutor at the Learning Strategies Center and volunteers for the Cayuga Heights Fire Department. She also does research with the Lewis Lab, studying mechanical loading on bone.

Rachel Havriliak '23
Intended Profession: Physician
Major: Biological and Environmental Engineering

Chennie is from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. On campus, she is involved in KASA, PATCH, and CUPDS. Off campus, she spends her time volunteering by teaching tennis to underprivileged children or children with autism, and she is also active in her church. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, reading, and eating at new restaurants.

Chennie Kim '24
Intended Profession: Dentist/Orthodontist
Major: Human Health, Biology, and Society

Rhea is from Rye Brook, New York and works for the COVID testing team on campus. She loves working with kids, and volunteers her time teaching special needs children career and life skills. Additionally, she enjoys traveling, listening to music, playing tennis, and spending time with her friends.

Rhea Munjal '23
Intended Profession: Pediatric Cardiologist 
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society
Minor: Business
Gizem Ozturk '23
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Alexandra was born and raised in New York City. On campus, she is a member of Base Productions Dance Team, Project Sunshine, Sparks Within Reach, and Weill-Ithaca Network. She is also an Undergraduate Research Associate at Lujan Laboratory where she conducts ultrasound image analysis for patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Alexandra Reich '23
Intended Profession: OB/GYN or Dermatologist
Major: Human Health, Biology, and Society
Minor: Education

Abby is from Miami, Florida. She is passionate about becoming a pediatric doctor and making quality healthcare more accessible. On campus, she is involved in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab studying the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on children’s lives. In addition, she is an elementary school tutor for the local Ithaca community. Outside of school, she enjoys running, hiking, and traveling. 

Abby Siegel '24
Intended Profession: Physician
Major: Human Development

Grace is from Manhattan, NYC. On campus, she works as a research assistant for the Personality, Attachment and Control Lab, and is involved with A&S Ambassadors and the Cornell Healthcare Review. At home, she volunteers at Mount Sinai West Hospital and tutors for standardized testing. In her free time, she enjoys singing and swimming.

Grace Tian '23
Intended Profession: Primary Care Physician
Major: Psychology
Minors: Creative Writing and Nutrition and Health