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Academic Integrity. Sisterhood. Community Service

Rho Psi Eta

Letter from the President

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Rho Psi Eta is a wonderful group of diverse, intelligent, and strong women pursuing careers in healthcare. I originally joined Rho Psi seeking a group of peers who shared similar interests and instead found a sisterhood that was bonded in friendship and academics. While I appreciate the developments in my career that Rho Psi made possible, along with the network of healthcare providers I have been introduced to, I am most grateful for the support from my sisters every step of the way. Rho Psi is an uplifting community that I strongly encourage any woman interested in healthcare to consider joining!

- Maddie Thorn, President 2022-2023

Our Pillars

Academic Integrity


Rho Psi Eta values academic integrity. Sisters are ambitious and value their education. It is important to Rho Psi Eta that sisters remain in good academic standing and work hard to achieve good grades.

Community Service

Rho Psi Eta sisters have a desire to give back to their communities. Rho Psi Eta organizes various fundraising and community service events each semester. Once a year we offer a free CPR certification class to anyone interested, and we are also involved with a philanthropic organization.




Rho Psi Eta was founded with the goal of building a strong community of like-minded sisters. Having a group to give advice, receive support from, and offer guidance is invaluable to women pursuing various health careers. 

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