• Potential New Members (PNMs) must have a GPA above 2.75, but GPAs above 3.3 are preferred. There is space on the application to explain a GPA lower than what is preferred.

  • Remain in good academic standing.

  • Represent the three founding pillars of Rho Psi Eta (academic integrity, community service, and sisterhood).

Rush Process

  • Rush is held bi-annually at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • PNMs must attend one of the information sessions, submit an application, and sign up for an informal interview to qualify.

  • Attending optional rush events is not required but may increase your chance of being offered a bid.

  • More information will be released to PNMs over the course of the rush process.

Responsibilities of Pledges

  • Organize a chapter fundraising event and a community service event with the pledge class.

  • Participate in 3 of 6 study hour sessions.

  • Attend weekly pledge education and class bonding events.

  • Become CPR certified.

Responsibilities of Active Members

  • Complete ten hours of community service per semester.

  • Participate in the chapter fundraising event. 

  • Attend at least three sisterhood events per semester, including mandatory events.

  • Participate in 3 of 6 study hour sessions.

  • Attend weekly chapter meetings.

  • Maintain a CPR certification.