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Catherine Andreadis

2C366D81-E251-403A-AD0E-050BDF19FBC2_1_105_c - Catherine Andreadis.jpeg

Major: Animal Science

College: CALS

Year: 2022

From: Long Island, NY

Track: Ph.D

Catherine is majoring in Animal Science in the College of Agriculture of Life Sciences. On campus, she is involved with Cornell Circle K, a service organization focused on outreach in the Ithaca area. She is also the Editor in Chief for Rainy Day, an undergraduate literary magazine. Additionally, she is involved in ecology and evolutionary biology research on campus through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Her current work has focused on emerging diseases and immune responses in Galapagos finches, as well as understanding physiological role of the gut microbiome in wild songbirds. After graduating in May 2022, she will be starting a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame where she plans to study the ecology and evolution of the microbiome and immunity in wild baboons. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading, and painting.

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