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Claire Kim

Professional Head Shot - Claire Kim.jpg

Major: Biological Sciences

College: CAS

Year: 2025

Minor: Nutrition and Health

From: Bay Area, California

Track: MD

Claire is a first-year student studying Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Molecular and Cell Biology and a minor in Nutrition and Health. She looks forward to working as a physician in women’s health in the future and plans on continuing to volunteer at her local hospital back in California. On campus, she is involved in RCPRS, Cheong Lab, Smart is Strong Foundation, and KASA. Her main activity outside of class would be the work she does in her lab, where she is currently working on projects regarding comparative reproductive medicine and IVF protocol. To balance her time in the lab, she is actively involved in a club called the Smart is Strong Foundation where she works with a small team of students on campus to prepare for an annual intercollegiate International Women’s Day Conference. During her free time, she enjoys watching movies, trying new restaurants, and sleeping with her cats Louie and Luna.

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