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Marley Vogel

IMG_5510 2 - Marley Vogel.HEIC

Major: Human Development

College: Human Ecology

Year: 2024

Minor: Gerontology, Health policy

From: Westchester, NY

Track: Clinical Psychologist or PA

Marley is a sophomore studying Human Development in the College of Human Ecology, with intended minors in Health Policy and Gerontology. She is passionate about pursuing a career in medicine or clinical psychology. On campus, she is an EMT with Cornell University Emergency Medical Service and a research assistant with the Affect and Cognition Lab, where she works on neuro-fMRI and aging neuroscience studies. Marley works at a local Ithaca pharmacy as a technician and COVID-19 vaccinator. She volunteers with the Cancer Resource Center to uplift oncology patients during support groups. In her free time, Marley enjoys playing tennis, cooking, traveling, and volunteering at nursing homes.

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