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Mona Li

IMG_1795 - Mona Li.JPG

Major: Biology and Society

College: CAS

Year: 2025

From: Seattle, WA

Track: MD

Hi! My name is Mona, and I am a Biology and Society major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am in the class of 2025, and I am from Seattle, Washington. I joined Rho Psi during my freshman fall, and I am now the Chapter Historian! I appreciate the sisterhood that Rho Psi has provided because I am surrounded by a supportive community of fellow pre-health students. I have met several of my friends through Rho Psi, and I have made some of my favorite Cornell memories at Rho Psi events! Aside from Rho Psi Eta, I am involved with PATCH (Giggle Buddies Subcommittee), Big Red Ambassadors, CSA, and I am the Events Operations Co-Chair for Big Red Thon. Outside of academics, I love to go hiking, play badminton, cook, and bake! Back in Seattle, I was involved with biological research, volunteered at my local zoo and Science Center, and lifeguarded at the pool. In the future, I hope to get involved with undergraduate research at Cornell and continue my volunteer work in the community!

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