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Sanah Ahmed

IMG-6461 (4) - Sanah Ahmed.jpg

Major: Psychology

College: CAS

Minor: Crime, Prisons, Education, Justice

Year: 2023

From: Chicago, IL

Track: MD

I am a current junior studying Psychology with a minor in Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice in the College of Arts and Sciences. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois! I hope to pursue medical school to become a child psychiatrist. My passions in psychology and medicine have been stimulated by my interests in self-advocacy, social justice, prison reform, and educational equity. On campus, I am involved in Cornell Education Services for the Incarcerated, Million Meals Mission, PATCH, Cornell Tradition, and the POSSE program. Also, I am a UTA for BioG 1500. This experience has sparked my interest in education and I hope to get involved with health education working towards destigmatizing mental health issues in the future! Outside of school, you can find me playing volleyball, reading books (just finished the Women in the Window - highly recommend), and hanging out with friends!

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